There is a reason why the Prius is so popular among taxi

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If you didn bonus at least $20k on top of that you were underperforming. You had to bust your ass at times but their paid pretty well. I remember working at this mall location and do to the way the bonus schedule worked and when school started we did $50k more sales in a month than we did prior year.

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cheap Canada Goose They sent me (by mail) all kinds of info and I implemented into my presentation. Win. Yall got it easy now with the current iteration of the internet. So you just skipped right past the last link that showed you brand new battery replacement for $1600 2000? Selective reading much? You just seem like you want to create a lot of hysteria over battery replacement. All you really done is highlighted that in the worse case scenario if the OP was the one in several million that had to replace their hybrid battery every 100K miles, he still be ahead driving the Prius. There is a reason why the Prius is so popular among taxi companies that will run them for 2 300000 miles. cheap Canada Goose

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