“She always told us to play hard but more importantly

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YAKIMA, Wash. Jackie Miller remembers that Betty Baker was never an imposing figure on the softball diamond, but said what Baker did for softball in Yakima and, more importantly, the women who played with and for her made Baker larger than life.

“She was tiny. We used to say that if the wind blew really hard, Canada Goose Outlet we’d have to go out there and hold her down,” Miller said, laughing, https://www.rheingoenheim-info.de remembering her former teammate and mentor who passed away June 5 at the age of 91.

“Betty was just a fine person,” canada goose outlet reviews continued Miller, a lifelong Yakima resident. “She really canada goose outlet online uk did all she could canada goose coats possibly do for us and to keep softball going in Yakima.”

Baker was an accomplished athlete, not just in softball, where she was a standout pitcher who could also play just about anywhere else on the field. She was also an outstanding golfer, winning the Yakima Women’s City Tournament in 1979, and a good bowler.

But it was her work building women’s softball here and her influence canadian goose jacket on the women who came to play on those teams that several canada goose clearance sale former teammates remembered this week.

“She was Miss Softball from Yakima,” said Judy Moore, who grew up in Pasco but drove to Yakima to play with Baker on her first team, the Apple Queens, and later with the Webb Cats. “Betty had a love for the game.”

“Betty is the reason softball grew in Yakima,” said Carol Finney, who played with Baker canada goose jacket outlet on canada goose outlet toronto factory the Webb Cats and later enjoyed playing golf with Baker at every opportunity. “She was ahead of her time.”

According to her obituary, Baker, who attended Yakima High School, started playing softball in Seattle, where the family moved after her father got a job at Boeing. She moved back to Yakima in the mid canada goose cheap canada goose outlet uk 1940s and married Royce Baker in 1946. In 1950, they started a softball team called the Apple Queens, winning the state title that first season.

“She was quite a bit older than the rest of us so there were a lot responsibilities on her part to keep all these little snot nosed kids in line,” Miller said, laughing. “She always told us to play hard but more importantly, to have fun and enjoy yourself.

“It was a lot of work on her part. but she was our mentor and a really, really good person.”

For Baker, those teams were about a lot canada goose outlet new york city more than just softball.

“She was a mother hen,” Finney said. “She buy canada goose jacket cheap was a role model and there were expectations that everyone would follow her examples.”

“She was a person that took all the players under her wing. Her and her husband,” Moore said, crediting Baker with helping motivate her in other aspects of her life.

“I would’ve never made it through college if not for Betty,” continued Moore, who canada goose outlet shop would eventually attend what is now Central Washington University in Ellensburg. “She pushed education. Our road trips cheap canada goose were usually boring because a lot of the other girls were already going to college so someone always canada goose outlet online had a book open.

“Without goose outlet canada her motivation, I probably would not have gone to college.”

Baker and her husband also created a family like atmosphere.

“Those softball teams were pretty much family,” Moore said, adding that the Bakers treated visiting teams just the same. “If any player came into town and didn’t have a place to stay, they took them in. Sometimes whole teams stayed at their house. We had a potluck, everyone brought something, and we’d take our sleeping bags and stay downstairs in their basement.

“Her whole family canada goose outlet store uk canada goose outlet uk was Canada Goose Jackets involved. They had a couple of kids and her mom and dad were at all the games. It didn’t matter where they played, canada goose outlet they followed the team.” canada goose black friday sale.