agree with some of what the bottom flyer is saying don work

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So I moved to the PNW when I was a teenager with my family and at first I found the weather really irritating. Texas has thunderstorms that just get all the rain done at once while Washington just drizzles on you forever. But I got over that (rain isnt an event except when every Seattle driver acts like it an oil slick on the highway) and otherwise the weather is really temperate.

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canada goose clearance Hirono and her Democratic peers canada goose outlet chided Republicans for ignoring the real ills of social media including the rise of hate speech and disinformation online. And one of the witnesses Wednesday raised concerns that Facebook and Google hadn’t been aggressive enough in the ways they police their platforms. Robbie Parker, a parent of a child killed during the 2012 shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School, said Facebook and Google owned YouTube long had failed to stop conspiracy theorists and others from attacking him and his family.. canada goose clearance

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Canada Goose sale My first landlord in college was like this. Our ceiling first leaked soon after we moved in, and the repair guy told us he knew what the problem was and would tell the landlord how it should get fixed. Repair guy looks at it again and gets really frustrated because they didn fix what he told them was the problem (it was an issue with how tiles were aligned iirc, and they were just plugging the noticeable hole instead of shifting the tiles) Canada Goose sale.